Sattvik Basarkod

About me

Hello! I am a Wayne State alumni with a bachelors in Honors Neuroscience. I am aspiring to go to medical school and get an MD PhD. My research interest is in behavioral neuroscience and neuroimaging tools to study protective factors of resiliency in children with trauma. I currently work at a reseach lab called Detroit Trauma Project at Wayne State School of Medicine, exploring the neurodevelopmental factors of childhood trauma and PTSD. In my free time, I enjoy reading philosophy, meeting new people, and exploring new trails around. 

Neural and psychological sciences have come a long way to explain many aspects of human cognition and behavior. Yet, it is still unknown how and why specific neural processes necessitate phenomenological experiences. This posits an even greater question for the clinical sciences, as we hope to treat mental illness using brain stimulation and other biochemical or pharmacological interventions. Thus, my hope is to analyze different philosophies and neuroscientific theories to better explain what it really means to be conscious, and how that relates to mental illness and psychopathology. I believe there are two themes in this field that we need to address: 1. metacognitive awareness of internal states and 2. Somatic marker hypothesis by Damasio. More details can be found in blog on Mind, Brain and Self. 

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