Academic College Writing

This is a compilation of 3 essays I wrote for my Philosophy of Mind class. They go over key philosophies of mind (behaviorism, identity theory, and functionalism) and gives counterarguments to each one of them. Behaviorists want to say the mind is defined by logical statements of observable behavior. Identity Theorists wants to say the mind is identical to physical brain processes. And functionalism wants to say the mind is a functional entity defined by its inputs and outputs. Each of these theories has limitations, but logical behaviorism seems to be least plausible. Finally, the last essay is on theories of consciousness backed up with some neuroscience research. Here is the idea is conscious states are instantiated by neural processes. Three theories: Higher Order Theory, Global Workspace Theory, and Integration Information Theory are discussed to see whether they can answer the hard problem of consciousness. 

This lit review is on the reward circuitry of the brain and its impact on schizophrenic symptoms. It analyzes the dopamine hypothesis of schizophrenia in correspondence to both human and animal models. The paper goes in-depth about the various neurotransmitters, brain regions, neural systems, and their synergistic effect on hallucinatory and cognitive impacts. The paper was written for an Abnormal Psych Honors college class with no peer review/ publication. 

This paper goes in great detail about the opioid crisis in Detroit and how it affects the African American population. The paper highlights two major interventions to solve the crisis in Detroit: improving pain management techniques and reprimanding the Big Pharma companies that uphold the neoliberal agenda. The argument is focused on how neoliberalism serves as a major issue for the opioid crisis. The paper also suggests interventions in pain management through research in medical science and the study of sociocultural environment in Detroit.  

This file is a PowerPoint of the central dogma of cellular biology. It includes concepts of DNA replication, transcription, translation, gene expression, gene evolution and gene modification and sequencing. This is an depth paper assigned for a higher level college class. The content goes over undergraduate level cell biology of DNA and talks about some methods of cloning, sequencing and modifying DNA for all sorts of purposes. 

This academic paper is about the impacts of online learning on student development. The main argument here is that organizations can improve student's cognitive development through improving embodied cognition and self regulated learning. This is an ethnographic research paper that includes on sight observation from tutoring center.

This research paper was written for a research methods class intended to introduce research skills in the field of psychology. The paper is a mini proposal examining the relationship between cyberbullying perpetration and cyberbullying victimization and personality traits. The main claim here is that cyberbullies and cyber victims have very different psychological and personality profiles and studying their personalities will help us identify and prevent potential victims and bullies. The paper further examines the association of the dark triad personalities with cyberbullying.