Examined Life


Welcome to the Examined Life blog page. This is where you will find all sorts of writing about human behavior, morality, consciousness, philosophy of mind and cognitive neuroscience. The goal of this blog is to connect modern neuroscience and philosophy to my daily life. Socrates had said An unexamined life is not worth living. But I think it isn’t just examination that is important, but also the synthesis and application of that knowledge that is worthwile. Thus I attempt to piece together different theories and empirical findings to learn more about the very simple yet complex features of human mind. This is also a space for me to reflect, to learn and to improvise my own knowledge while providing something to read. If in any way, my writing offends you, please do know that I have no intention of offending anyone or forcing my opinions on anyone. This blog is just a mere reflection of my thoughts and they are bound to be biased at times. 


Feel free to contact me about any of my writing or just to say hi!

Sattvik Basarkod