A reason to behavior


A predecessor to all is necessary- that is the fundamental reason to why we do the things we do. Causality is required to take those actions that are not predisposed to us. In our attempt to understand ourselves and our behavior, we must know that humans always have a reason for the things they do. This may be an irrational or a rational reason; a conscious or unconscious reason; a predisposed or a self imposed reason. Nonetheless, a man cannot find himself doing things without a certain motive. If a man acts to do random things at random times that too is for a reason, perhaps a reason of his ill strategy or on the contrary a reason to seem as an amateur to the public. To say that our behavior is not examinable is accepting the defeat before trying. It is true that behavior is really complicated but we must strive to understand it by working our way from bottom to the top, by looking at the outer shell first then diving into the more complicated inner works. The argument of God and destiny is subject to faith here. Our behavior cannot be said to be a result of a divine being. Though there may be a God, we cannot examine anything about him because of his very unexaminable essence. Though the concept of God can influence behavior, we cannot say that God causes the thoughts in our minds, for that is way too easy and does not solve any problems. There may be destiny involved, but we are only interested in behavior that is directly related to our material factors, which can be sensible in the physical world.

Thus, in the future posts, we will neglect the concept of God and solely focus on psychological and physical reasons to behavior.