Dual Personality


There has been great discussion about genuineness and being true to yourself and others. We discussed how each individual has a conscious and an unconscious self that creates an image out in the world. Their self concept is filled with things such as social recognition, self ambition, parental appreciation, relationship success and prideful achievements. All these allow the individual to feel as he is. But what is more important than anything is his name. The name is what constitutes his whole essence. As an infant, an individual is given a name, that which he does not choose or has a say into. Nonetheless, he develops a cognitive understanding of his identity through this name. He is conditioned to be keen and aware when his name is called out by someone else. The individual builds such a strong connection with this name, that it becomes second nature for him to feel as if his identity belongs to himself. He forgets that what he has in this world is nothing but acquisition of name and fame. He forgets that the physical body and the mental images or childhood and adulthood memories are only but creations of the temporary environment. But nonetheless, the name allows him to cling onto a suitcase of multiple achievements that make him feel great. He feels alive- the essence of life is in an individual's identity, and the essence of identity is subconsciously written through the use of an individual's name. The name may be absurd and have absolutely no meaning to someone else, but the individual himself and those he knows the best have a deep connection with the name. It is neither the man nor his true self they care about, it is rather the identity he holds and the memories that come according to a specific name that the public admires. For this reason, the man then goes on to pursue different personalities under the same name and soon finds himself at cognitive dissonance. He is bound by his name due to his previous deeds. He feels a social burden of acting a certain way and doing things that align with his previous deeds, but as time changes he realizes that his personality has to change as well. With different people, at different places, at different times, the man starts to create a new personality. He soon starts to divide himself according to his 'roles.' A father, a lawyer, a businessman, an Indian, a Muslim and so forth. He claims to be all of these just at different time and different place. He subconsciously changes his personality and expression to fit his current identity. This temporary identity is produced to gain maximum cognitive satisfaction, which is simply the realization of being someone doing something for the sake of doing it. In other words, having the free will of being anything he wants, the man ventures off to do what he would never do in the first place if he were in his initial identity. Soon he no longer needs names, for he believes names are simply conventional ways of communication. Thus he starts using multiple names for multiple deeds, and hither he finds ultimate joy in exploring new dimensions and personalities without having to do much. It is as if he is reborn everyday, with a new memory and a new goal. Perhaps a schizophrenic would claim to feel the same way, but he is not doing it consciously, rather the defectology in his brain is producing a certain reality for him. In the case of an ambitious dual personality man, nor is his brain dysfunctional nor is his reality deluded. Rather it is his own intellect, the very conscious faculties of his own brain, that make him feel different, and embrace a new name, a new identity, a new deed. The man commits crimes without feeling anything, for he believes his identity will change the next day and thus the blame too will disappear.