Mind of a Criminal


When it comes to crimes, what are the underlying mechanisms of the mind that are most able to influence behavior? Why does an individual commit crime under the influence of certain emotion, thought or belief? Is it pure delusion? In the case that the criminal has a neuro deficiency, the story is different and needs a medical solution. However, most criminals commit crimes not because there is a physical deficiency with their brain but rather because their brain outputs immense amounts of pain and suffering upon them prior to the crime. Psychopaths and sociopaths may also be excluded from this discussion as there is an underlying problem in their personality and their thinking. But for all other criminals that succumb to do evil deeds, what motive do their minds possess? The answer is self defense. A crime is done in search of self preservation and to destroy factors that negatively affect that cues of self preservation. Anything that attempts to undermine an individual's existence is a cause for the criminal's mind's grief and pain. Our minds are not good with handling self deprivation and thus feelings of self denial and suicide may be the greatest urges to self defend by getting rid of perceived threats. These threats may be people that are seen as opponents by the criminal. In most cases, the victims are embodiment of the criminal themselves. The contrasting mentality of self loathing and self protection keep the criminal from committing suicide. The criminal can't kill himself due to his biological and psychological roots in self protection. Thus he kills others that embody his image, or an image that he loathes so badly. In this process, he vents out his anger as well as damages his view on himself, continuing to repeat this cycle over and over again until a stronger will appears. The greatest factor in committing a crime is self hatred as well as the inability to control that self hatred due to the rudimentary evolutionary mechanisms of survival. When strong emotions arise in the criminal's mind as the criminal has been dealing with self hatred, the criminal becomes the most dangerous person in the world. A man does anything to escape the horrible pain of self hatred thus those emotions resulting from all the several internal and external cues eventually create a madman out of the criminal. When psychic survival is at danger(an essential component of psychic existence is threatened) then the man will do anything in order to retrieve it. If he can't retrieve it then he will commit horrendous crimes to retrieve perceived power over his victims, thus the society he lives in. The man lives only to seek approval of his existence, both from within and from society. When he cannot receive approval of his existence from within, he wishes to seek it by force from without.